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Ćao lepa

Probudio sam se jednog jutra
o lepa ćao,lepa ćao,lepa ćao,ćao,ćao,
probudio sam se jednog jutra
i okupator beše tu.
U partizane,ja moram otići
O lepa ćao...
u partizane,ja moram otići
osećam da ću umreti.
A ako umrem kao partizan
o lepa ćao...
a ako umrem kao partizan
ti me moraš sahraniti.
Sahrani me gore u planinama,
o lepa ćao...
sahrani me gore u planinama
u hladu jednog lepog cveta.
A svi ljudi koji tuda prođu,
o lepa ćao...
a svi ljudi koji tuda prođu
reći će ''o kakav divan cvet!''
I ovo je cvet partizana
o lepa ćao...
koji je umro za slobodu
i ovo je cvet partizana
koji je umro za slobodu.
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More translations of 'Bella ciao'
Please help to translate 'Bella ciao'
Collections with 'Bella ciao'
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Croatian translation

Hoćeš li me voljeti i sutra

Noćas si moj potpuno
Daješ svoju ljubav tako slatko
Noćas je svjetlo ljubavi u tvojim očima
Ali hoćeš li me voljeti i sutra?
Je li ovo trajno zadovoljstvo
Ili samo prolazni užitak?
Mogu li vjerovati čaroliji tvojih uzdaha?
Hoćeš li me voljeti i sutra?
Noćas neizrečenim riječima
Kažeš da sam jedina
Ali hoće li moje srce biti slomljeno
Kad noć naiđe na jutarnje sunce?
Voljela bih znati da je tvoja ljubav
Ljubav u koju mogu biti sigurna
Zato mi reci sad jer neću pitati opet
Hoćeš li me voljeti i sutra?
Moram znati
Hoćeš li me voljeti i sutra?

The brave of '14*

I was born a Zacatecano1
I was born near here,
I offer everyone a hand
because that's how we are here.
I was a revolutionary
and I fought against Barrón2
he was an eccentric old man,
long live the revolution.
I told
'let's get this over with,
we will come in from the edge3
in the name of God.
Long live my general Francisco Villa.
With ,
with Carrillo5 on the outcrop,
Maclovio Herrera6 is already here,
the leader of with Cisneros
and , a great man,
the Arrietas7 with ,
Manuel Banda10 in my country,
undeniably they triumphed,
the glorious state of Zacatecas
I shot at the foot of the canon,
none scares me,
I am a very brave man.
'Pancho was betrayed and killed,
took advantage of the situation.
Singing I saw goodbye
from atop the outcrop,
was for our country's good.
  • 1. demonym for someone born in , Mexico.
  • 2. General Luis Medina Barrón was a Mexican military man who participated in the Mexican Revolution.
  • 3. from the way it's said, it seems to me like this is General Felipe Ángeles (who planned the attack) and they attacked from all sides because Barrón's men were stationed between two hills; La Bufa and El Grillo.
  • 4. General Pánfilo Natera, a general for Venustiano Carranza.
  • 5. Lieutenant José Carrillo
  • 7. two brothers, .
  • 8. General José Félix Bañuelos
  • 9. General Calixto Contreras Espinoza
  • 10. a cruel and bloodthirsty Villista
  • 11. General Eugenio Aguirre Benavides
  • 12. General Raúl Miguel Hidalgo Madero González
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Alfred J. Kwak Outro (German)

Why am I so happy
so happy so happy
so outspeakable
so happy I never was
I so often was
really happy complete
but so amazingly happy
I have never been to this day
I'm also sometimes
so sad
so abbreviation sad
then I'm gruesome
then everythings hurts on me
I'm sometimes slightly neurotic,
psychotic and
labile and neogotic,
but I am ok
Am I because of that so happy
so happy, so happy
almost overjoyed,
so happy I never was
Today I'm not
not a bit
I'm also not
You can see it
Today I'm not
astonishing relaxed
I can't believe
I can't understand it
even if I'm not more
so happy, so happy
even if I'm not more
then I'm dead - normal
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Mysteries of Fado

I hear footsteps in the street
That wake me up... Who could it be?
A shadow cast upon the façade
Certainly doesn't come for no reason:
God knows what it's coming to seek!
The shadow of the clasped hand
Asked me if I knew
How is it that there are people who resist
The urge to sing, when they are sad,
And the urge to weep, when they are happy?
In the fabric of Creation
Someone made a glitch...
I answered 'no':
The glitches of contradiction
Are the mystery of fado!
He touched my face and smiled
In a way that I've not forgotten.
In the same manner, he left;
The wind became colder,
I laid down in bed and fell asleep.
In the fabric of Creation
Someone made a glitch...
I answered 'no':
The glitches of contradiction
Are the mystery of fado!