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Reindeers Are Better Than People

Reindeers are better than people
Swen, how love is complicated
Well, until spring
Because your feelings are honest
Go ahead, Kristoff, the essence is important here

Deers are better than humans

Deers are better than humans,
Sven, love is independent
A standalone word is a feeling
What are you waiting for?
Well, Kristof, don’t miss your aim

Reindeers are better than people

Kristoff: Deer outnumber humans
Sven, I am in ignorance
Sven: When you start to sing, your mind becomes happier
Does that sound, Kristof?
Don't worry so much

Reindeers are cuter than people (Cont.)

Kristoff: Reindeers are cuter than people,
Sven, I'm going to cry now.
Sven: You feel something for her and these feelings are true,
Come on, Kristoff, open your heart

All is Found

Versions: #1
Where the northwind meets the sea
There's a river full of memory
Sleep my darling safe and sound
For in this river all is found
In her waters, deep and true
Lie the answers and a path for you
Dive down deep into her sound
But not too far or you'll be drowned
Yes, she will sing to those who hear
And in her song all magic flows
But can you brave what you most fear?
Can you face what the river knows?
Where the northwind meets the sea
There's a mother full of memory
Come my darling homeward bound
When all is lost then all is found

Into The Unknown

Versions: #1
Ah-Ah, Oh-Oh
Ah-Ah, Oh-Oh
Ah-Ah, Oh-Oh, Oh, Oh
I can hear you but I won't
Some look for trouble while others don't
There's a thousand reasons I should go about my day
And ignore your whispers which I wish would go away, oh-oh-oh
Ah-Ah, oh-oh
Ah-Ah, Oh-Oh
You're not a voice, you're just a ringing in my ear
And if I heard you, which I don't, I'm spoken for I fear
Everyone I've ever loved is here within these walls
I'm sorry, secret siren, but I'm blocking out your calls
I've had my adventure, I don't need something new
I'm afraid of what I'm risking if I follow you
Into the unknown
Into the unknown
Into the unknown
Ah-Ah, Oh-Oh
Ah-Ah, Oh-Oh
What do you want? 'Cause you've been keeping me awake
Are you here to distract me so I make a big mistake?
Or are you someone out there who's a little bit like me?
Who knows deep down I'm not where I'm meant to be?
Every day's a little harder as I feel your power grow
Don't you know there's part of me that longs to go
Into the unknown?
Into the unknown
Into the unknown(Ah-Ah, Oh-Oh, Ah-Ah, Oh-Oh)
Are you out there?
Do you know me?
Can you feel me?
Can you show me?
(Ah) ooh
(Ah) ooh
(Ah) ooh
(Ah) ooh
(Ah) ooh
Where are you going? Don't leave me alone
How do I follow you
Into the unknown?

Everything is like always

It's true the wind is a little bit colder
and we are all older
and the clouds fly where the breeze sends them
Look the scarecrow is turning to fertilizer
(The) Hot sun dried his leaf
But there are still some permanent things
Because, everything is like always
When (your) hand rasts in (my) hand
it feels like that
when we are spending (the) day together
It's like a rock that doesn't fall
And if you are ever feeling down
Everything is like always
and you know I will always be here for you
The leaves are already falling
It feels like the future is coming
Are you telling me tonight you intent to get down on your knee
But I am stumblebum in this things
And there's always a mishap
What if you leave romantic stuff to me
Yes, everything is like always
When I love her endlessly
It feels like I will never be alone again
But if I do that
and I am not afraid
It will all be alright, right?
Everything is like always
Sven make sure you do things right
It is a restless wind that this voice is travelling on
(is) something is coming, changes that the time carries
a moment of happiness is too short you know
To not let it be forgotten I will relish it and let it last
When the wind is a little colder
and every day we are a little older
we prepare the gifts of autumn sky
Forever we are in the land of plenty
Which serves all good people well
Let the Arendelle flag always fly
let it always fly
let it always fly
let it always fly!
Everything is like always
Time flies (and) it never stops
It feels like it
That the future is unknown
Leave all worries
In the past
Time won't leave us alone
Everything is like always
You know i'll always be here for you
For you i will always be
For you i will always be
For you i will always be here
You know i'll always be here for you

I'm lost in the woods

Why did you go on a different path without a warning?
Why did you leave me alone with some everlasting thoughts?
You took that decision, an it's your right to choose
I probably can get to you but I'm supposing
(That) perhaps you grew tired of me as the days went by
Who said that now I no longer chase your heart like before?
And for the first time, I'm getting lost in the woods
North is south when you're not here
I used to escort you home
But now I'm getting lost in the woods
And I don't know which path will lead me to you
I'm getting lost in the woods
The thing is that I'm forbidden from taking the next step
I've never said we're not meant for each other
And the only choice I want is us to live together
Where would I end up if our love gets lost forever?
I will know the path from you becuse now I'm getting lost
Day has turned into night in your absence
Ah, you are my guide on my path and I'll get lost without you
Do I still have a place in your heart?
I will wait for a sign (For a sign)
That we will always be together (Always be together)
Without you, I'm lost in the woods
(I'm lost in the woods, I'm lost in the woods)
I'm lost in the woods (I'm lost in the woods)
(I'm lost in the woods, I'm lost in the woods)
I'm lost in the woods

Show Yourself

Elsa: My body is shivering but it is not due to the cold
There is something that is familiar, it seems like I am dreaming but then, it fades away
Your presence is just like a friend that I have been longing for
I am here, it feels like I am home
I have always been concealing myself and also hiding the secrets
You also have a secret
Show yourself, I want to meet you
Show yourself, it is your turn
Are you the one that I have been looking for since ages?
Show yourself, I am ready to learn
For the whole life, I have never been as confident as I am now
Is this the reason why I am born differently?
Even the normal rules
Can never be applied to me
Are you my way?
And also my answers?
Show yourself, I am never trembling anymore
I have come from afar
You are the answer that I have been waiting for in my whole life
Oh, show yourself, let me see you
Come to me, open your door
Do not make me wait for a long time
Oh, come to me, open your door
Do not make me wait for a long time
Choir: Where the gale of the sea is blasting
There is a river that is full of memories
Iduna: My sweetheart, please do return home
Elsa: Finally!
Elsa & Iduna: Show yourself and also your power
Grow yourself so that you can be the new you
Iduna: You have always been waiting for it
Elsa: For my whole life
Iduna: For your whole life
Elsa: Oh, show yourself
Iduna: You

The One That Is Unknown

I am hearing your voice
I reckon that I am not listening to you
There are many reasons for me to move on with my life
I am ignoring your whispers that I hope that it will go away as soon as possible
You are only a buzz in my ears
If only I listen to you (actually I don't), it seems like I am afraid
Everything that I love is here
I am sorry my instinct, I shall block off your call
I have been on an adventure, I do not really need a new thing
I am afraid of the risks if I follow you into the place
Of the unknown, the one that is unknown
The one that is unknown
What do you want? You are waking me up
Are you trying to disturb me so that I can make a mistake?
Are you the one that is the same as me
Which feel like this is not my place?
Every day, it is getting tougher, yet my power is growing
Some part of me is longing to go to a place
Of the unknown, the one that is unknown
The one that is unknown
Do you know me?
Please feel me and show yourself
Wherever you head to, please do not ever leave me
How do I head towards the place that I do not know?

Come out

Versions: #1
All of me is now trembling, but it's not from the cold
This is like reliving an old dream that fades through the wall
I can tell you're here like the friend I love the most
And now I feel as if I had returned home.
I have always been the fortress that had kept secrets,
You must have them too, but you shall not hide.
Please come out, I've waited you for so long
Please come out, it's your turn.
I know you are what I've been looking for since I came into this world
Please, come out, for that's how I'll learn.
Life deceived me, but I finally know
Now I can understand, that this is what I was born for
I have always been so different, there's nothing normal in me
Now you'll tell me all you know and why I'm here
Please come out, I'm not trembling anymore
The journey has been too long
You are the answer I've been searching for, for a long time
Oh, please come out, I want to know where you are.
Come on, please come out, enough with the secrets
Why wait a single second more?
Come on, please come out, enough with the secrets
Why wait a single second more?
Where the sea is, far up north
A river keeps all the old memories
Come, my love, you have arrived
I've found myself!
Please come out and take in the strength
Come now, grow into a new self
You are the one you've been searching for since...
I came into this world!
(Came into the world!)
Oh, please come out

Your Light

It's another goodbye, you left again without me
And I got lost, maybe your path is not mine
You followed yourself, I can't claim you
Maybe I'll see you tomorrow with me
But I feel, that you're going away
And that I became the one who wants to reach you
And of course I got lost, now I'm going without your light
North or South, ¿where they are?
If you're not here, I always guided you home
But today I'm going without your light
Where will your path go
I'm going without your light
I believed, that the teaching was like to go on
And I think thought that there was a 'maybe' in your mind
¿Who am I?, if I'm not yours
¿Where I am if you're gone?
I always
Knew that you guide my steps, ¿Where I go without your light?
In the sun, nothing is real
Without your breath
My perfect reference is, ¿Where do I go without your light?
I don't know if I still matter to you
My illusion
Will guide me
With finally sharing your love
Until then today I'm going without your light
Without your light
Without your light

I got lost in the woods

Reindeers are cuter than people,
Sven, I'm going to cry now.
You feel something for her and these feelings are true,
Come on, Kristoff, open your heart
You disappeared again, walked down another road,
But you know that we can't be apart
I understand that you had to leave
I'll wait for you until morning if you need me to
But why do I feel like you're drifting farther away from me?
And why can't I hold you back anymore?
For the first time in my life, I got lost in the woods
Where's left, right? You disappeared
I always showed you the way,
But I got lost in the woods
And how should I know where you are?
I got lost in the woods
I was sure of my feelings
And didn't think that my soul would hurt that much
You're my light and hope
Life without you is unhappy, what a pity
You're my guide star, because I got lost in the woods
The days will turn into nights without you once again
You shine for me in the dark, because I got lost in the woods
I keep asking myself, why are we meant for each other (for each other)?
(...) it's happiness to me (happiness to me),
(...) I will wander in the woods (alone in the woods)
I will wander in the woods (alone in the woods)
I will wander in the woods

When I grow up

Anna? Elsa? Sven? Samantha?
I don't even know a Samantha.
Hm? That's how it should be.
What's this? Samantha?
When I grow up, I will understand everything,
Everything will suddenly become clearer one day
When I get old and wisdom enters* my head
It will remind me of how good it all really was
When I grow up, I'll know everything,
What we're doing in a magical forest
And after one or a few years, I believe that everything will be okay
And childish fears will leave me (I'm sorry)
When you grow, you have to adjust
And find your place in the world
When I become mature and feel completely safe,
Even weird and creepy stares won't scare me
I'll understand everything when I get older,
So there's nothing to be afraid of or to scream about
I'll dream about the days when I was very charming
And when I grow up, everything will become a hundred times clearer (how cool)

Come and Show

Versions: #1
Elsa: My whole body trembles, but it's not from the cold
I feel on the edge of a dream that has always escaped me
I keep on listening to you, as the voice I heard so
And it seems as if I've always been here
Everybody thinks I'm strong
I just wanted to protect myself
I want to learn how to be just like you
Come and show what the truth is
Come and show, let me see
My whole life I've been waiting to meet you
Come and show, I want to understand
All of my life I grieved, I suffered
Perhaps there's a reason that would explain why I'm here
I have always been the 'weird one', I never knew the reason why
Maybe you can help me see what the explanation is!!?
Come and show! I'm no longer afraid
I have never gone this far
I know that you are the key for me to know myself
Come show me, show yourself to me
I want to see you, let me in
I'm tired of waiting
I want to see you, let me in
I'm tired of waiting
Choir: There are memories in the place
Where the wind will meet the sea
Iduna: Remember this when you call out to me
Elsa: I'm gonna find myself
Elsa & Iduna: Come and show! This strength is yours
Come and change what has always been!
Iduna: For so long I've been waiting to
Elsa: Get to know you
Iduna: Get to know you
Elsa: Come show me!

When I am older

Everything will become clear to me when I am older
Smiling I will remember this day
Someday in old age I will crawl like in youth
Here I rested without incidents
I'll know everything when I'll become older
I'll have good memories about the forest
I believe that my worries very soon will disappear
Everything here is adorable, even you (Excuse me)
The beautiful forest is so colorful
Air is pleasantly fresh here
When I'll grow up then I always will smile
Even if something very very scary will be watching me.
Yes, everything will become clear to me when I am older
Oh, how nice that a voice brought us here!
Here I'm in safety
I'm not afraid from anything
When I'm older, then completely everything will become understandable to me
Everything's fine

The Next Right Thing

I've seen dark before, but not like this
this is cold, this is empty, this is numb
The life I knew is over, the lights are out
Hello darkness, I'm ready to succumb
I follow you around, I always have
but you've gone to a place I can not find
This grief has a gravity, it pulls me down
but a tiny voice whispers in my mind
You are lost, hope is gone
but you must go on
and do the next right thing
Can there be a day beyond this night?
I don't know anymore what is true
I can't find my direction, I'm all alone
the only star that guided me was you
How to rise from the floor,
when it's not you I'm rising for?
Just do the next right thing
Take a step, step again
it is all that I can, to do
the next right thing
I won't look too far ahead
It's much for me to take
But break it down to this next breath
this next step, this next choice
is one that I can make
So, I'll walk through this night
Stumbling blindly towards the light
and do the next right thing
And with the dawn,
what comes then?
When it's clear that everything
will never be the same again?
Then I'll make the choice
to hear that voice
And do the next right thing

With time

What was that?
Everyone says that with time
It will be much easier to confront
When I am older
I will realized what happened
And these things won't scare me anymore
I'm going to have more courage with time
And the dark won't shake me anymore
Everyone says that
They are childish scares
Mean while, I have to wait
Excuse me!
Adults adapt
And everything is normal for them
I will evolve and nothing else will reach me
Not even a terrible being with a very bad way
Yes! It will be hard with time
I will not feel like crying
I know it's a dream of mine
My apogee will arrive
And in time I will understand everything better
Everything's fine!

When I'm Older

What was that? Amelia?
This will all become clearer when I'm older
One day, this will make sense
One day this pile of snow
Will be old, smart, and wise
This is ordinary in life, for every single human
I will have all the solutions when I'm older
Why are we in this dark magical forest?
I will know that in a few years
These will look complete enough
I just can't get enough of it
Excuse me
As long as you are alive, you are a learner
You shouldn't take a break [from learning]
When I am more mature
I will feel completely secure
Even if someone with a strange, strange face watches me
Look, this will all become clearer when I'm older
It's unnecessary to fear this dance
And I will dream about a time
When age avalanches on me
Because when I'm older
It will always make complete sense
It's good

One Day

What is it? Samantha?
Everything will be clear one day
Just then everything will make sense
And once I get older, I will be able to understand
That all the events were coherent
I'll find the answer one day
Why are we in the haunted forest
But in a couple of years, it looks harmless
And that's why in it, it's not all black
Excuse me
You change as you grow
You look for where you belong
And more and more mature, I am becoming more and more courageous
While a completely creepy, creepy face stares at me
Well, everything will be clear one day
That's will I won't be as terrified as I am now
I will fantasize nicely when in the prime of maturity
Everything makes sense much more than when you are young
It's very good

No traces in the forest

You go away as your path goes elsewhere
I was left alone, should I follow you or wait?
It's hard for me when a day goes by without you,
but I only overcome all obstacles for you
Does it feel like we're going to break up?
And why am I the only one still looking for a way to the heart?
As in a dream, it seems to me
that there are no traces in the forest,
here is there, down is up when you're gone
I wait days and nights, but there are no traces in the forest,
how do I find hidden paths?
There are no traces in the forest
Until now, my every step seemed simple
and I did not dream of wandering in the dark
Who am I? Let the time show
It's all nothing if you're not with me
Believe me!
I know, there's no way without you,
since there are no traces in the forest,
up is down, the day is the night when you're gone
Oh, you always guide me when there are no traces in the forest
Do you even care about me?
I'm just waiting for your sign (For your sign)
And I know I will only be your hero, (Your hero)
Until then, there are no traces in the forest
Traces in the forest, traces in the forest, traces in the forest
No traces in the forest
Traces in the forest, traces in the forest
No traces in the forest

Old feeling

Anna: The cold wind is blowing harder and harder
This year is slipping by
Clouds are floating across the sky through the autumn wind
From the pumpkin everything has already become fertilizer
Olaf: And my leaf keep a little sadness to itself
Anna: I rely on those certainties
That old feeling, your hand is in mine
The same feeling
Anna & Olaf: how we get along well
Anna: Like walls which don't collapse, are acient truths
Old feeling, like when I need you by my side
Kristoff: The leaves are already in new color
Sven, it's like the future is calling us
Sven: Are you indicating that tonight you will kneel in front of her?
Kristoff: I'm feeling dreadful about planning all that
Her rings with candles, my suggestion
Sven: It's best to leave all the romance to me now
Kristoff: That old feeling, my love can't be extinguished
The sane feeling, like how reindeers are easier
If I decide, just go with it, I'll manage to get by, right?
Sven: Old feeling
Kristoff: Sven, I trust in your (sense of) hearing
Elsa: Now the wind is blowing, is that why I hear the sound of a call?
Is something coming? I don't want days to be changing
Every precious one is scattered like a dream
Time doesn't know how to stop, but I will therefore embrace the day
Everyone: Now the wind is blowing harder and harder
Olaf: And on faces a new wrinkle
Anna & Kristoff: Let's be thankful for what that autumn sky offers
Everyone: Since forever kingdom attracts with abundance
In it we all live happily
Elsa: The flag will fly for us forever in Arendelle
Anna: For us will fly
Everyone: For us will fly
For us will fly
Old feeling, time flies in the blink of an eye
The same feeling, don't know what tomorrow holds
Let our happiness last forevermore, time doen't stop
Old feeling
Anna: Like when I need you by my side
Elsa: When I need you by my side
Olaf: When I need you by my side
Kristoff: When I need you by my side
Anna: When I need you by my side

What Must Be Done

The darkness is growing
It's pain, it's overwhelming, it's nothingness
In the end, darkness will swallow you
I greet it, and surrender to its oppression
I always followed you, always behind you
But now I can't find you anymore
This huge grief is severe, I ran out of strength
But there's a voice that speaks within me
There's nothing to wait for
Trust yourself and go
Do what must be done
Will the sun come out again?
I don't know anymore, I have fears and concerns
And how can I orientate myself without you?
You were my guiding star, uh
How can I rise and trust in me
If you're not the one I have to save?
Do what must be done today
Everything is a beginning
This is the right thing to do
What must be done
I won't look beyond this moment
There's a lot to face
I'll move forward one step at a time
One action, one option
And I'll reach the end
I will pass through this gray night
I'll search for the sunrise
I'll do what must be done
With the sun, where do you go
If it's not
Possible to live the way we used to?1
It will be my choice to follow that voice
And do what must be done
  • 1. The par break is weird here. I'll listen to the song and re-arrange the order of the breaks.

When I'm Older

What was that?
When I'm older I'll know
I'll understand what I can't explain today
When I'm mature enough and I can reflect
I'll think that this I'm seeing now is normal
When I'm older, there will be answers
I'll know why I'm here in these woods
I think, in a year or two
I won't have any childish fears
And what now feels bad, will be better
By growing up, I adapt
Because I can finally understand the world
And when I'm older I won't be terrified
When a horrific face sticks out to see me
Yes, when I'm older I'll know
And then I won't have to be stressed
I dream about that ideal moment, of true maturity
When I'm older I will be able to explain every event
Everything is fine

Do What Is Right

I had never seen such a darkness
The heart laments with the cold
It's already the end of this life
I surrender to the shadow of hopelessness
I was always with you
Even though you're (now) on a path that I can't go on
Yes, the pain becomes somewhat stronger
But there is something else that sounds...
Go on, insist
No matter what comes
Take the right step
The darkness will pass and the dawn will come
Although this is not really known
I wonder how I will continue
If you was my star
I must go through the dark
I don't know which way to choose, if you're not here
Do all things well
Know when to take the (next) step
There's nothing else to do, just do what's right
My energy is not enough
I'm not enough anymore
Although I'll face it
I will come and I will
And I will not be defeated!
I'll keep going up and I'll get out
Straight out of the dark
Do what is right
How will this be
And maybe this life will not be like before?
Okay I will hear the voice and do what is right

У непознато

Могу да те чујем, али нећу
Неки траже невољу, а неки не
Хиљаду је разлога да радим шта желим
и игноришем твоја шапутања, која бих радо растјерала
Ти ниси глас, ти си само зујање у мојим ушима
и да те чујем, а не чујем те, заузета сам и плашим се
Сви које сам икад вољела су овде у овим зидинама
Жао ми је, тајна сирено, али одбијам твоје позиве
Проживјела сам своју авантуру, не треба ми нешто ново
плашим се шта све ризикујем ако те запратим
у непознато, у непознато
у непознато
Шта желиш? Јер ме држиш будном
Јси ли овде да ми одвучеш пажњу, па да направим велику грешку?
Или си неко ко је помало сличан мени?
Ко зна, у души, можда нисам гдје ми је суђено да будем?
Сваким даном је све теже, док осјетим како ми моћ расте
Зар не знаш да постоји дио мене који чезне да оде
у непознато, у непознато
у непознато?
Јеси ли ту? Познајеш ли ме?
Можеш ли да ме осјетиш? Можеш ли да ми покажеш?
Гдје идеш? Не остављај ме саму
Како да те пратим у непознато?

The Ballad of the River Akhtokhallen

A harsh land, a sea of ice,
there is a river there, it remembers everything.
Go to sleep now, my light,
and in that river you will find the answer.
Its water, just dive,
(and it) will tell everything and show the way.
So trust the depths
but one extra step and you''ll be at the bottom.
She sings for those who hear
and the magic of that song hides.
Only those, who are higher than their fears
may find out, what the river has in store.
A harsh land, a sea of ice,
mother is there, she remembers everything.
In that hour which you come home,
having lost everything, you will find everything.

Beyond the horizon again

I hear your call
But I don't want to
And I'm not looking for adventures.
I have enough to worry about
I'm begging for quiet,
for your whisper to fall silent
and dissolve up above.
You're just a noise,
A simple ringing in my ear.
Everything that I hear - I'll brush aside.
You're just an old fear
Everyone I've loved are with me
Within these walls.
Goodbye, faceless voice
and forget about my dreams.
I've been on a thorny path
and I'm not waiting for anything new
Because I'm scared
That I'd slip up
If I'm to follow you
Beyond the horizon again
Beyond the horizon again
Beyond the horizon again
How can I know
What destiny has prepared?
What if I trust you
And it turns out to be a disaster?
Or are you a rebellious spirit
That managed to understand me.
You bring hope
To unravel my mystery.
Every day is a little harder
The power of my magic grows
I know that my soul
is calling me
Beyond the horizon again
Beyond the horizon again
Beyond the horizon again
Help me, answer me,
Who are you to me? Show me
Wait, where are you going?
It's not just a dream,
I'm following you
Beyond the horizon again.