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I want a peace of mind - that moment when there's nobody there to bother and disturb me, out of range, out of mostly wrong, superficial, two-faced and stupid people's reach...And we're all waves of the same sea, but these ones from the shoal never sink - because gold sinks and shit floats!
Now I'm too deep to swallow that. This time I want to keep on sinking, to sink deep down in full speed on the edge of control, I want to breathe but in spite of that I hold my breath, clog my nose, deafened sound - the perfection! I have the loop like a tangled bridge and I look at this like it's a finished job.
Time and space certainly don't exist here, I'm completely opposed to any gravitation...I float in the water without a bottle and navigation, again in the meditation, for 100th time...
I keep my head in the water, because if I emerge I'll return to my past; out of range, I'm from the roaming, my sea is the space...Blurred image, deafened sound, I only hear the silence, and blup! I'm underground like the roots, under the sea like Poseidon, I have sunk once and I'm never getting back.
Head under water...I close my eyes completely - if that's an afterlife, I wanna be buried alive! Only peace and quiet, no sound, no text...I jump into Marian Trench from The Mount Everest! After the pirouette I sink, I count the kilometers while watching the silhouettes from down there - they take medications and syrups, that calms them, pink pills, the appetite is fucked up by the cigarettes...
I'm going somewhere far from the crowds of people - to the state of Misanthropia because I'm standoffish, towards Utopia, Oz and Isengard, with no light at the end of the tunnel - underground man! I look for Atlántida, in the water depths I hear the temples' cry, I'm closing the book and taking the sword and trident out of the covers, I'm flying through the water and swimming through the sky, under the sea, the snow, the ice and the earth - Poseidon!
Ref. ….
In another space, another time zone, take a telescope - but we're in another body shape! I take the periscope to see what's going on up there....And I immediately return down there - home, sweet home! And I take good care with that because wild beasts are hard to tame.
I'm thinking out loud, so scum can hear me, they're putting me on target and fire 'Bang, bang!' They're up there on the land, but the bubbles around me create a giant membrane, the ball - that's my aura, my eggshell, my capsule! Giant bubble - I rule the sea like Neptune, we're not on light, we have no colors in spectrum. Fill your harpoon and shoot at our auras, but you won't hear no 'Pkk!' We'll be down forever!

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I Rest

Just as the veils of a star
now extinguish the springtime of morning.
Just as the canvas of a sail
is now only the wind that dies.
I rest from my sorrow.
My heart reposes on satin.
Like a mother who tries—
that the child, that the turn do not forget—
that the sadness is the same
to learn that he will not return.
I no longer need to repeat
that I really liked to regret it.
I rest from my sorrow.
My heart reposes on satin.
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Rabbit and the rivulet

In a winter night
Where a high hill stands,
A rivulet has frozen
Got covered by snow.
But one small rabbit
Is looking everywhere for that rivulet,
Where is it, where did it disappear
That's what's bothering him.
And he's crying, the small rabbit is crying
For that rivulet,
And he's mourning, now the rabbit is mourning
Mourning with all his heart.
Now sad, he wonders
Where is that rivulet,
Maybe it's following the swallows
To a distant southern part.
But then the summer came
The snow melted,
Back came the rivulet
And the rabbit was happy.


It was almost predictable
You pulled the little that was left under my feet
I could have seen it coming
I would have preferred not to
It was insane
An earthquake is burning under my feet
Colors that have turned into grey
I didn't want to go back
Rumors... People are talking
It's out of my hands, I'm far away
Rumors... stuck to my name
Rumors and hard days ahead of me
Putting my head on the pillow
Tired from the day that has passed slowly
Hours have gone by
I haven't been thinking about you
That's human nature, dirty hands
and a pure heart alongside of them
Leaving everything behind
I didn't want to go back
Rumors, people are talking
It's out of my hands
I'm far away
Rumors, the story of my life
Rumors, people are talking, that's human nature
I've been running all my life, asking myself how long it will last
I'm crying all my life
and I wonder how long it will last
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Tonight I will drink 'till the end.
To us.
Our days are gone with the wind.
And when you close your eyes
And let the black circles take you
To remember
What do friends mean.
Tonight, tonight, tonight for the last time
Be, be, be my best friend.
Tonight, tonight, tonight for the last time
Be, be, be my best friend.
When you lean your head on the window
And tears roll down your face
You'll see images trough the fog
In the distance, you'll see me.
You'll see us.
Tonight, tonight, tonight for the last time
Be, be, be my best friend.
Tonight, tonight, tonight for the last time
Be, be, be my best friend.
And after everything
There will be me
And there will be you.
But we
Will never be again.
Lights trough the night flicker dimly
The street will not remember the sound of your footsteps.
So come once again, let me hug you
Tonight you will be my best friend.
Tonight, tonight, tonight for the last time (Within me)
Be, be, be my best friend.
Tonight, tonight, tonight for the last time
Be, be, be my best friend.
Like bird the sky
Like stars the night
So much I love you
And you're leaving.