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Is it your fault or mine ?

Is it your (fault) or mine ? *****
I don't care about you anymore
Sir , don't torment me
Everything between us is over
Don't come to me , neither will I
Just go and let me in peace
You made my eyes cry
I made my heart a mess
I'm bored of your love , go
I can't bear you anymore
You will never find
such bearing heart
patience has limits
and all people are witnesses
You used to be straight
What makes you remember me now
Don't tell me , neither will I
You know that..
I will never be yours
Don't be stupid
I'm Karou.

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Bright Eyes

I was just a youngster
but I thought like an adult,
and I always looked ahead.
And I studied day and night—
and for the licensing exam,
I completed the first test
when I saw two bright eyes
with two bitter tears
that fell onto a white sheet of paper.
And, with my test complete,
much like offering a flower,
I put it on her desk.
Ah love, love, love—
it burned me.
Her eyes took aim at my heart—
it hit me ...
I saw leaves playing with the sun—
I saw trees above me—
and I love her, and I love her, and I love her.
A seagull against the wind
files—flies and seems to stand still—
just like my thoughts.
I changed inside and out—
but about that feeling—
the past seems like yesterday.
Those two bright, bright eyes—
those two bitter tears—
I do not know where to find them anymore.
And I don't know if it's for better or for worse—
if it is instinct or if it is courage—
I will continue to look for them.
Ah love, love, love—
but what ...
a glance pierces your heart—
but where...
I saw leaves playing with the sun—
I saw trees above me—
and I'll call out to you and search for you—
and I love you.
Ah love, love, love—
What is it ...
Ah love, love, love—
and I love you, and I love you, and I love you ...
Ah love, love, love—
What is it ...
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Salvation table

When I feel that the moral is unstable, that the ethics are critically threatened, I resort to a very powerful salvation table. It's something that always let me overcome.
I'll tell you in what consists: Harrison Ford.
But not the Harrison Ford of the first era, the one who appeared in hippies stuff or student revolts stuff. I have nothing against that of course, we all been through that era. But I'm neither talking about that Harrison Ford of Indiana Jones. I don't criticize it either, it's fine but as entertainment, not as a role model. I'm neither talking about the already old Harrison Ford who appears in movies of cowboys fighting against aliens, there he went to hell. I'm talking about the adult, mature Harrison Ford, who is solid in his certainty.
Like for example in 'Clear and Present Danger' where he's a CIA agent and another agent wants to involve him in secret operations that walk over the constitution and democracy, and wants to justify himself saying that he sees everything in black and white. And Harrison Ford answers him that it's not about black and white, it's about 'right and wrong' like he says.
He already did that role in 'Patriot Games' and there he was fighting against terrorism. But well, some might think that he was doing it to keep his income or to protect his family which was being threatened by the terrorists. But no, it wasn't only for that. And he shows it in 'Clear and Present Danger' because there the bad guys were part of the very government. That means that his values were beyond protecting a public employment. Even if his superiors request him, he can't commit a crime.
Like in 'The Fugitive' where he has to scape because they accused him of a crime he didn't commit. Because he is incapable of commiting a crime. It's incredible that the other characters during the whole length of the movie don't understand that he didn't do it. He was innocent.
Like in 'Presumed Innocent'. Someone had killed his lover and... well, I won't say that it's ok that he had a lover, but I won't get in to judge him either, right? Without knowing the problems that could be in the intimacy of his marriage, Maybe what he did was a mistake, maybe having a lover wasn't the best solution.
All right. He's not perfect, he's a human being that can be wrong, but he's not a murderer even if at a certain moment the suspicions fall on him. I don't agree with that part of the script of the movie.
Of course. It's based on a novel by Scott Turow, and maybe when Scott Turow wrote it he didn't know that Harrison Ford was going to be on the film adaptation. But when he accepted the role, they should have changed that part. Anyway, you know something? I'm glad they didn't do it. Because that way they gave Harrison Ford the chance of proving that he didn't do it.
Like in that other movie 'Regarding Henry'. There he was a lawyer who never had time to be with his family, and he also had a lover. But in a certain moment he has an accident and loses his memory. And there you find out that all those things weren't part of his escence, they were acquired things, they were part of the alienation of the contemporary man. Because when he loses the memory, he recovers his original pureness, he becomes the Rousseau's noble savage.
And then is when he's recovering himself, he's rebuilding himself, he buys a puppy, he becomes a family man, like in 'Air Force One'. There he is the president but he doesn't neglect his family. Because it's not incompatible a job of such high responsability with the dedication to the home, the monitoring of the children. When I say monitoring I'm not talking about espionage, I'm talking about getting interested about what they do, to be there to advice them when they need it.
And in that movie he goes way beyond that, right? Becasue he saves them, he faces the terrorists who kidnapped the plane. He's a hero. Because he doesn't need the CIA, he doesn't need the National Security Agency. He himself is the one who takes back the control of the presidential plane. The safety of his family cannot rely on third parties.
Like in 'Frantic' where his wife dissapears and he's the one who has to go out searching for her. It's not enough with reporting to the police. It's a thriller, but be careful, it's a Roman Polanski movie, it's higher art. And Roman Polanski is not an idiot. He didn't pick Chuck Norris for that role. He didn't pick Jean Claude Van Damme. He picked Harrison Ford.
And I in my modest scale, I do the same. When I feel that I'm going to drown in the generalized crisis of values that surround us, I choose Harrison Ford and that way I recover the direction.
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And it's Going to Fall (8x)

My way of thinking
The path is made by walking
Looking at the sea from far away
I just look at your reflection old
The bricks are made of mud
Building changes
Captivando consciousness
of the young people of the neighborhood
If you do not live,
as I learn?
If it does not work,
as the lease?
Have coins? Then give to the people!
You have the desire? Put effort!
We are poor people looking for a dream
We are poor people banging down the owner
We are the poor
Power popular
IF not, the population is dying of hunger
Movement for the earth
Burning the flag!
Tearing down the powers-that-be
Is the start of a new era
Where the people are commanded
Te recuerdo Amanda
I remember working until the empire falls
And even if the walls fall down
Although falls city
Although a fall in the pillars
Even if it falls the truth
Although falling for the lies
From above llovera
A force so powerful
that no one can shut up
And Although no one listen to us the earth if he cried out,
A cry so heartbreaking
What will the world wake up
That they fall off their flags
That they fall off their borders
their wars
The land belongs to whoever releases it
And it's Going to Fall(4x)
Singing adios general
After you desire to nothing was the same
The hands of time don't return back
The invisible hand follows us wanting to steal
The water copper silver
Before what will the dollar fall
Buy shares cheap
Without measuring that happens tomorrow
When the water is up
And that bubble is exploding
It is not a low note
So things are going...
Forget your things
You have nothing if comes the wave
Against the castle of sand
Grab the shovel works the land
We that already we are in war
Now we must defend what we have left
Only family and neighbors..
Your board your loved ones..
So is that for years we have survived
The market is left to oblivion
This house of card falls
With the violent winds that come
We will see the change that they bring
We will win a thousand times
And it's Going to Fall(4x)
You think owner but
We have fire
Do you think that with repre'll end up with us, right?
These blind?
So wrong
Purchase many things
But the earth is on our side
There is No money
There is No paper
so that you can understand
That certain things are values that are impossible to break
The issue is not falling
Waking up is the victory
Ideas for the world they fly in
Perfect trajectory
Rise to the pampa
Rise to deserts
Different peoples united
With the same dream
The world where the woman and the new man
Walk free
Emancipated and without fear
And even if the walls fall down
Although falls city
That they fall off their flags
The Land belongs to the one who frees it!

Twenty Years From Today

Versions: #2
I am asking you to please forget
All that has gone wrong
Let it go and try to understand
Where I am coming from
All that I will say you just don’t know
You are the only one to blame
All I know - it is a shame
To let you slip away
And let you go...
This one day with you is like a dream
You are such good sport
“Life is good!” is what I want to scream
This evening is too short
I am asking you to be with me
And listen to my point of view
It's plain to see and nothing new
All that I need is you
And only you
I close my eyes tonight and pray
That twenty years from today
I’d hold you close to me and say:
“This love is here to stay”…
Never had such happiness in love
I simply never knew
A thousand years like this alone with you
Would never be enough…
I am grateful to the fate that treats me well
For your love that’s always new
Don’t take away the magic spell -
All I’ll ever need is you
And only you
I close my eyes tonight and pray
That twenty years from today
I’d hold you close to me and say:
“This love is here to stay”…
E.T. (Eva Trussell) aka Vesper Lynd