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Salmo 110, 3 Dominare.

Be thou ruler,
even in the midst among thine enemies.

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Giovanni Battista Pergolesi Превод текста Ауторско право је власник.

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Kalle Skum

You take your steps and initiatives
With knowledge about how a business cycle can give a better life
Here lives Kalle Skum in a house with eighteen rooms
The two-luxury-car economy is built on heroin
He stands big and strong on free and private property
Payed in cash with money earned on whoring and drugs
And Kalle's little wife is just as cute still
And gracious but slightly nervous and you can understand that
For wealth and power needs safe guarding
In her home, five gorillas always stand ready
But their cute children shall escape the yarn of sin
That can be achieved these days only behind seven lever tumbler locks
Where the business community lives, Kalle has his office
He lives the day to please God and Swedish law
For Kalle believes in God and in his ten commands
But down in the city around Sergel square, the devil himself rules
There, you take drugs and fight and stare at us
who have understood to live well off the sense you have got
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Friend, friend
That's how I'll always call you, friend
Because the dreams we dream, friend
Are spread in ashes on the floor
And I wanted so badly
A perfect love
That one day, when ended
Wouldn't leave goodbye scars
And the love was so intense
That when happy, I couldn't predict
That one day, when ended
I could feel sorrow
Friend, friend
It was a senses party, friend
And now we're forgotten, friend
And we don't know the reason
You have taught me to be
Much more woman
You have forgotten, anyways
About teaching life without you
And I learned
To live every moment
And that our thoughts
Are the ones that can help us
Friend, friend
I won't lie to myself, friend
Why ask so many questions, friends?
I know everything is over
Friend, friend
All we will ever be, friend
And whoever asks, we will say, friend
That it was so good, but it is over
Look me in the eyes
And try to comprehend
The raw truth
Of the goodbye I am not able to say
Friend, friend
I won't lie to myself, friend
Why ask so many questions, friend?
I know everything is over
Friend, friend
Only friends we will be, friend
And whoever asks, we will say, friend
That it was so good, but it is over
Friend, friend
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My Little Brother

My little brother is in love, asks for a way out
Asks when his pain will soothe
His hands and legs are wounded, his eyes look unhappy
I've never had time to be calm
Since I've heard
That's why he's been so silent all these times
My little brother, just like me

The piano of Genevieve

Versions: #2
Weeping piano of Genevieve, hurting piano
that in your keys, you resume the arcane from life;
Weeping piano, your keys are white and black;
as my black days, as my white hours.
Weeping piano of Genevieve, that cries in the late hours of the night;
that hasn't found happiness many cruel winters since;
Your music tells of poetic evils,
it tells of enchantments and of real princesses,
of the young couple that for stealing nests,
on a cloudy afternoon, got lost in the forest.
And it tells us of the little graceful girl,
who received gifts from her eleven godmothers,
who did not invite the other one to her divine wedding,
and who suffered because of this, the wrath of the fairy.
You seem to me, ¡oh piano!, from your plaintive voice,
a box of tears, and your dark wood
evokes in me the image of the visit to the first coffin
that I received in my home in my youth.
Piano of Genevieve, I love you for indiscreet;
you reveal the secrets of your soul to the entire world;
you recount, one by one, all of your disillusions.
Weeping piano, the most stunning beauty in the valley,
has become dejected because she is now thirty years old
and there isn't one in the whole town who will walk down her street.
Genevieve, give me your crepuscular love
those are sweet thirty years I can adore.
¡Beg to her that at least, weeping piano,
she will step on my heart with her tiny feet!