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what's changing
What makes you crazy
Or is it only me on my own the problem?
Come back
Again x2
But anyway
Between the devil and the deep blue sea but not again again
It's cold, my way is a slope they come empty-handed, they come
It goes word by word
I still have a bad attitude
Still you
Mankind doesn't care, always gives problem
Always a problem
New deal
Makes us sad
Come anyway
According to some people, my mind is an ocean
Come down
Come down down
Come anyway
Come with me anyway
Time is passing away
Is this what's left?
But anyway
Between the devil and the deep blue sea but not again again
It's cold, my way is ramp, they come with empty-handed, they come
Nova Norda;
Come back, let's meet on the bridge anyway, I'm going crazy
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I love other people to love 'myself' more
I also used to hate others to love 'myself' more
The faint moonlight that filters through the courtains and blends with the darkness
spreads and dissolves next to what reflects upon the mirror...
... And that's me...
That's me...
I wonder how many of the countless words
I've said have been true...
The rain falling from my cheeks drips and collects
upon my overflowing chest, making sounds
When I look down towards my short-lived self,
the rotten reality goes by unnoticed
Hiding the shadows that ooze from behind my smile -
that was my true intention..
There's no more sugarcoating-
Yes, I'll say what I truly think
I love someone, and I also hate someone -
I want others to know that, and scream 'love me!'
I'm in the same place as always, but want that to change
Even though we're selfish, we're also insecure and can't really help it
I love someone, and I also hate someone...
The truth is I'm weak, and can't be relevant...
The truth is I'm weak, and can't be alone...
Hope this was helpful! Any corrections are deeply appreciated.
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Brother John

Are you sleeping? 
Are you sleeping?
Brother John?
Brother John?
It's day time
It's day time
The bell is ringing, 
The bell is ringing.
Ding, dong, bell. 
Ding, dong, bell!

Policijska Karma

Policijska karmo, uhapsite ovog coveka
On prica na matematici
On zuji kao frizider
On je kao rastimovani radio
Policijska karmo, uhapsite ovu devojku
Od njene Hitlerovske frizure
Mi je muka
Upali smo na njenu zurku
Ovo ti sleduje
Ovo ti sleduje
Ovo ti sleduje kada se zavitlavas sa nama
Policijska karmo
Dao sam sve sto sam mogao
Ali to nije dovoljno
Dao sam sve sto sam mogao
Ali smo jos uvek na platnom spisku
Ovo ti sleduje
Ovo ti sleduje
Ovo ti sleduje kada se zavitlavas sa nama
I izgubio sam se na minut, izgubio sam se
Pih, na minut sam se izgubio, izgubio sam se
Na minut sam se izgubio, izgubio sam se
Pih, na minut sam se izgubio, izgubio sam se
''When i'm layin'
I'm still tryin'
On dyin' yeah'' - Layne Staley (1967-2002)

If It Really Is That Important

[Verse 1: Benjamin]
There's far too litlle fruit platters up in that
She said: ”I'm gonna get a shower when I get home”
It's like there's not enough to see without a phone
Your eyes find problems even when there is none
The night smells like shit with lime in it
You leave but had hoped for a ”No, stay!”
In a place where the shy sitts unbothered
Too many grey diamands but you're experienced
Just call me when you know what's good for you, just call
Are you ready to kiss the slow-witted lady
Said: ”Life it's funny, are you stupid you hillbilly?”
Fuck kisses if It winds up on the cheek
As if you think I don't know you've got tickets for heaven
The feeling is good and then it dissappears
The chair is ugly it doesn't matter where you put it
Doesn't matter
Doesn't matter
[Vers 2: Benjamin]
A little chili and a little more chili
Good advice comes at a price, but delivery is cheap
My deamons are too ugly to show
It burns in my head but you're used to a chrisis
You said no to drink
You lokke excatly like Einstein
A bat to my head on your moodswing
You're cold but you know how I love cool thing
You said: ”Smitle, it prooves you're human
You said: ”Smile,' but it look like you forgot
I go out until it ends under water
Your drunk too, but drunk on something else
You said; Your face looks better without glasses”
Took of your glasses and said ”that's how it is, bro”
Do you need to kill it
I hope this is not the top floor
[Verse 3: Medina]
Eyes out of red mosaics
How long have you tried to let go
You're in a high gear now, gear down
Better to be sad than the borred
My happiness is on anabolics
Still hanging in there, anybody out there?
It has never been any different, we're the same
Steel fixed walk through the fire
Doesn't matter
Doesn't matter.