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Tapio Rautavaara - Älä kysy Лирицс транслатион то енглисх

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Don't ask

Travelling alone becomes dreary, hello traveller!
The wanderer's company bestows fun - who would know
I have travelled in happiness
Through many lands
Home everywhere
I have under the sky
You ask: Didn't I ever miss my homeland?
What would I do with it, I do not know
In the care of people of every nation
You find happiness in happiness
I have already seen many lands
Just not without elation
You ask: What fatally would someone know it?
I doubt the observation knows that at all
The flower withers, the tree falls
The birdsong quiets down:
This is how it goes living
I ask: And then?
You say: The world belongs to Tuoni
Living ends, I eagerly bestow it
Who here as well
Lives, living as one?
The spirit at last is weary
In the midst of the feasting
'Have I ever felt pain?' In your days of vanity
Don't strain me with questions anymore
Even the greatest sadness goes out
Drying the hottest tear
Carry your own troubles
Let me rejoice

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