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Sezen Aksu - Kırık Vals Лирицс транслатион то енглисх



Broken Waltz

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I wish I was a dewdrop on your lashes,
Wish you remember that garden, and call for the wind
Wish the season is watercolor
The day is coral
At that moment it’s like
Nubar Terziyan* strokes my back
Old movies still cry in that garden
Cry in black and white
Marbled streets were a kaleidoscope
Kids were beautiful even if they were sorrowful
We already offended the hyacinths
Roses are miserable
Our waltz is broken right in the middle
We stared from far
We became hometown to each other
Now everyone is miserable
Wish the friend whistles shakes the windows
Wish our eyes dazzle with a brand new dream
Another world’s possibilities,
the ashes of memories that burns the heart by hurling
maybe we can find these by searching
Extinguished hopes of wounded farewell days

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