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Matti Louhivuori - Vanhan myllyn taru Лирицс транслатион то енглисх



The Story of the Old Mill

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The mill is old, its walls are made of moss
So rarely do the mill's rocks roll with a clang
And still: the mill could challenge so much for it
What has with the water gone away
So the old mill could tell many stories
But those stories are heard by rare hearts
You can hear it, who understands the language of the mill
Its rock whispers, its cogwheel makes small talk
It has perhaps milled joy as well as sadness
In its rocks many bitter tear has fallen
It has eaten bark bread when it has ground just disappointment
And rejoiced with the coming of a harvest plentiful
It has seen many loves and many kisses
It has heard languages both proud and cold in bitterness
It has seen the pain of paring and the joy of return
And heard the sentence: 'I love you'

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