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Irina An - Ат-Башым (At-Başı) Лирицс транслатион то енглисх

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My At-Bashy*

While riding on a green stick,
Times I was chasing butterflies.
Although I am far away for a long time,
I can’t forget your image.
Always on my mind, always on my mind,
The place surrounded by colorful flowers.
Rocks comparable to gold,
You are snowy high mountain.
If I move away, my At-Bashy,
You are adorned by birches and junipers.
Let my chest be full, let the nightingale be heard,
You are adorned by birches and junipers.
Fields covered by green carpet,
My people's clear care.
White creek, barley, medical stream,
Gives me strength even your air.
Let your forests be full, let your fields get green,
At-Bashy the land of happiness

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