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Indochine - Europane ou le dernier bal Лирицс транслатион то енглисх



Europane or the last dance

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So goes life, this life so bitchy
That forgives nothing
So go our lives, sometimes so sad
That speak to no-one but ourselves
And the worst and the best of me
Here, the demons come back
And the worst and the best place
Here on the edge of our plains
And if we stay here, with our pale looks
And body and soul
And if we would have the courage, here
We could talk about the true disaster
So goes life, the perversian1
Here, our lives are worthless
Thus pass our lives in the europane2
It is the victory in the distance
But the sun will shine, we feel better
But let us remain glorious
And then there's strawberries, and then blood
Ah, how they lie to us
And then there's dreams, and then nothing
And they do it again
You and me, the dance
As in the last dance
You and me, the fight
The fight in our stars
We and I, the dance
As in the last dance
We and I, the dance
As in the last dance
  • 1. 'Perversianne' isn't a real word, so here's an equivalence.
  • 2. Same as the previous footnote.

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