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Gülşen - Muhtelif Zamanlarda Лирицс транслатион то енглисх



Various Times

Versions: #1
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I do not want a lover that is mine in various times
I do not resemble anyone else, I am certainly in love with love
Tell your heart that it may not bother loving unless it loves me as it loves itself
I would go away without tiring myself out or being noisy, like a boss
In case I did not believe you, I would trouble you
In case I got deceived, I would damage your soul as well
Haven’t I told you that, huh-huh?
Naturally, I would think if you had any advantage to take of me
What I mainly believe is you have laid a trap from inside of you
Have you sorrowed over me and kept the sorrow
Or found someone better than I am?
You are at a loss, why is your selling me out like this?
Have you asked your heart how much love costs?
First of all, have you feared God?1
  • 1. “Have you feared the first God,” is an ambigious alternative translation to this line

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