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Grazhdanskaya Oborona - Он увидел Солнце (On Uvidel Solnce) Лирицс транслатион то енглисх



He has seen the Sun

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A slowed shock, gutters with a water
Concrete walls, a damp earth
Iron windows, an electric light
Moldy sound, a scorching asphalt
And the world was wonderfull like a snot on the wall
And the town was good as cross on shoulders
And the day was happy like a caecum
He has seen the Sun
A plastic smoke, a burnt stink
A barbed wire gets kilometers far
Scraps of rubber, wheels and slag
Blind trenches, a dry grass
Watch towers, shards of glass
Brick rows, a crematorium is smoking
Tin cans, scraps of paper
A automatic rifle, a uniform and a gas mask.

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